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Here's a link to the page of my friend… who not only expertly translated but also embelished and improved upon the "embryo" of my story. Turned it into something greater, If you will. If you want something in English translated into Polish or vice-versa, he should be able to do it for a small fee. Hail Daimon

The moans and whimpers had been coming from behind a massive chitin door for a couple of hours now. A distinct sound of gushing liquid was - although not as audible – also present. The adjacent hallway filled with echoes of slow, methodical hoofsteps. Chrysalis approached the Milking Room in a proud, but predatory manner. The way she moved was befitting of royalty, albeit with her motions still resembling that of a panther, confidently approaching its prey. Her horn cast jade light over her snout as she opened the door with the most rudimentary of psychokinetic spells. A feat undoubtedly lost on her immense power and control over the art of magic.

What met her vision was certainly a sight to behold. In the middle of a rather large chamber, behind a reasonably tall pedestal, stood her prisoner. Ensnared within green, slimy webs of construction mucus, there she was – captured at last – the one, the only, the currently-nude-with-her-arms-up-and-wings-spread-wide Princess Celestia. Nothing remained of her usually proud posture. Her head hung low in shame, exhaustion and arousal. The latter being apparent by the flushed cheeks that – although a deep shade of pink, accomplished little to divert the attention from her barely open eyes. The eyes that were once full of ungodly rage, now filled with almost nothing but lust. The ethereal mane hanging loosely in disasray. Her grand horn enveloped with the proboscis of a local parasite – ensuring she won’t be able to make use of her magic anytime soon.

Now, that she was in the same chamber as her captive, Chrysalis was able to hear the whimpers the latter produced with delicious quality. The fact that the noises became much quieter after she opened the door pleased the changeling queen greatly, as it only signified the immense shame her servants brought upon her adversary become slave. The ebony pedestal contained a seemingly grown-in basin, from witch enchanted tendrils of mutated vines sprouted in one purpose, and one purpose only – to milk.

Celestia’s already ample bosom has swollen greatly from continuous stimulation and milk buildup, amplified quite a bit by the enchantments woven into the wooden vessel. Chrysalis noted that the curious little contraption of bio-machinery has already extracted copious amounts of nourishing fluid from the white alicorn, practically reducing her to a common cow. The changeling queen approached her little calf, put a hand to her chin and lifted Celestia’s head – a movement akin to that of a lover.

It’s been over two hours, this is the second vessel and you’re still not done? Interesting…” She snapped her fingers, and the vines obediently let go of the princess’s breasts, causing her to breathe in a shallow sigh of relief. Despite being released from their prison, Celestia’s pulsating nipples still trickled with milk. Chrysalis bent down, grabbed the-recently-freed-left-breast and gave it a hearty squeeze. “Filled to the brim, huh? They haven’t gotten smaller at all, quite the contrary.. Heh.. I guess friendship really is magic after all.”

She slowly licked her lips and moved her head closer. Her tongue swirled around the swollen nipple for a bit, before she fully closed in and began sucking. Slowly, deliberately savoring the moment. Celestia’s breathing became faster and more shallow. “W-why are you.. doin~g.. w-why this..?” Her captor swallowed the ivory nectar without so much as an audible *gulp*. The princess gasped as Chrysalis gave her teat a little bite before letting it go with a *pop*. The changeling queen licked her lips once more, a wicked smile spread across her face. Her dark fingernails delicately traced Celestia’s breasts, grabbing hold of her nipples and resumed, what the vessel had been doing.

My hive is quite big, you know.. Getting bigger by the day. There’s a lot of us.. And we need food. Pragma and Ludus can only get you so far.. Besides..” She paused, squeezing a bit harder and getting a high-pitched moan in return- “Eros is undoubtedly waaay more exquisite… delectable.” She wishpered, as her prey shuddered beneath the air of her words. “And this” – she licked her index finger, already wet from Celestia’s milk – “This is the best way of harvesting the love you’re feeling right now.” She teased. “You should probably be aware by now, that the essence of emotions tends to get imbued into the.. nutriments. Milking, feeding, fondling..” She put emphasis on the last word. “It’s all love after all, isn’t it? And it shows.. When we drink your milk we’re able to feel it. Intensely, too. It’s truly enticing.”

Chrysalis let go of Celestia’s breasts, and undid her chitin-imbued bodice, as they bounced and dangled over the milking vessel. She slid the corset off, exposing her own sizeable bust, her jade-colored nipples also dripping with pearly white liquid. “As the Queen I too am able to produce love like that. My children can do that also, although not to the desired extents.. It’s not really enough to satisfy all of our needs. We can’t produce enough for everyone~” She got closer to the princess again, this time almost close enough to give her ear a small bite, and whispered: “And that’s where you and your subjects come in.” The look of horror made an appearance on Celestia’s face. She tried to protest, but was way too weak. Chrysalis snapped her fingers again.

Two changeling guards appeared behind the alicorn princess, just as the mucus holding her up in the air liquefied, her strained body falling right into their arms. Again, Celesita tried to break free, but her magic was still being sapped, and her muscles were badly strained from hanging by her hands for so long.

“Take her into the hatchery for her first nursing session. Don’t skimp it for the larvae, she’s got enough for everyone.” The authoritative voice of the changeling queen echoed through the chamber as the guards began escorting the shocked and exhausted alicorn princess to where she would be spending a significant amount of her future.

You better be ready, my little calf. It’s going to be a loooong day.”

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FNAFArtCreator Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OK now you're just MILKING it.
ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
"“And that’s where you and your subjects come in.” The look of horror made an appearance on Celestia’s face."

Sooo... Equestrians and their Princesses are being reduced to slaves?


Azarakikun Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm, I'll save this for future reference
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Can you do more of rainbow dash being milked?
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Great Story malamol
Hey You think create story for the rest of your pics?
malamol Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Idk, i just trying to do something cooperating with my friend, maybe i try but to new ones.

About old ones, meybe i can do remakes with better quality :)   (but remember maybe, i'm not mystery super duper artist XD, i'm just lazy student, really lazy)
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